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Before commencing work in a biological facility it is essential that all staff and students understand their obligations and comply with the requirements of the University Biological Safety Committee.


The School operates both Physical Containment 1 (PC1) and Physical Containment 2 (PC2) Biological Laboratories.

The PC1 facility is used by undergraduate and postgraduate students involved in research with materials of animal origin only.

Laboratory 1.74 is approved by the University Biological Safety Committee to operate as a PC2 facility for work with unfixed tissues of human origin. The approval to operate will be reviewed annually and compliance will be assessed on physical construction, operational procedures and training and experience of researchers.


Biological Safety Training is provided by the School Biological Safety Officer, Rob Greenhalgh, telephone (+61 8) 6488 7099.

The training includes general safe operating procedures for a Biological Laboratory, emphasising decontamination and infection control.

The trainee will receive a copy of the Biological Laboratory Safety Procedures handbook and be required to complete the Biological Laboratory Training Record that will be held on file.

All students and staff working unsupervised are required to receive task specific instruction and training from their supervisor to carry out the allocated task safely. Where significant risks are identified, a written Safety Assessment must be completed and submitted to the School Safety Committee for approval.

Biological Laboratory Training Records must be completed and filed in the Biological Training Record file F4 that is located in the School Administrative Office 2.01.


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