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Student manufacturing laboratories safety training

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All students attending the practical classes or project work in Laboratory G27 are required to receive safety instruction and training in the activities they have to undertake.

Requirements for safety instruction and training

Manufacturing MECH2402 safety lecture

Each student will receive a safety lecture prior to participating in the manufacturing laboratory classes. This lecture will introduce students to the potential safety hazards that they will encounter as well as personal protective equipment and dress requirements for the laboratory. It will include the prerequisites listed in Introduction to Workshop Safety:

Manufacturing laboratory safety checklist

Before starting any machining activities in the laboratory, all students will be checked for compliance with the safety prerequisites and personal protective equipment requirements identified in Manufacturing MECH2402 safety lecture. They will then receive safety instruction and training in accordance with the Safety Checklist form for the designated activity (F9) listed below. All students must sign the Safety Training Record sheet before starting work.

Student manufacturing laboratory training is provided for the duration of the class and does not permit the student to work on similar machines unsupervised.

3-Jaw Chuck safety

4-Jaw Chuck safety

Workshop Practice

Training records must be completed and filed in the Student Manufacturing Laboratory Training Record file F9 in the School Administrative Office. Records are retained for the duration of the student's enrolment.


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