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In accordance with the UWA Occupational Safety and Health policy, our School aims to provide safe and healthy working conditions for our staff, students, contractors and visitors.

School safety management

  • Ultimate responsibility for safety and health in the School lies with the Head of School
  • For routine safety and health matters responsibility follows the normal managerial lines in the School
  • Successful management of safety and health can only be effectively achieved when the participation of staff at all levels in the school is built into all its processes for identifying and controlling risk
  • All members of the school have a responsibility to co-operate with their colleagues to achieve a safe and healthy workplace, and to take reasonable care of themselves and others. They are required to work in accordance with this policy and associated procedures
  • Responsibilities extend beyond minimum compliance with statutory obligations; there is a responsibility to encourage good practice and due concern
  • Whenever a member of this School notices a safety or health problem that he or she is not able to put right, it must immediately be reported a person in authority
  • The School Safety Committee assists the Head of School in managing safety and health.

Responsibility is accepted for the safety and health of other people who may be affected by the School's activities, as far as reasonably practicable.

Emergency information 

We take the safety, health and well being of staff, students, contractors and visitors during emergencies at The University of Western Australia very seriously. In an emergency, call 6488 2222.

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General safety awareness

Schools are obliged to ensure that all staff, students and visitors have developed general safety awareness, cultivated through safety inductions and training that covers the following areas:

  • Fire and emergency evacuation
  • Fire extinguisher awareness
  • First aid and accident procedures
  • Security Control Centre awareness in emergency response
  • Reporting accidents, incidents and hazards.
  • University safety policies and procedures
  • Individual responsibilities to safety and health
  • Overview of workplace specific hazards
  • School policies and procedures.

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