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Safety training

UWA safety training

The UWA Safety and Health Office offers general and specific safety training, ranging from structured half day courses to those covering several days with written course notes provided.

Further information

Schools are required to identify and document all of their safety and health training requirements.

Procedures must be in place to ensure that individuals are competent to perform the task they are assigned. If this is not the case, then appropriate training should be provided, including ongoing training and refresher training.

  1. Identification of training needs
  2. Implementation of training
  3. School safety training

Identification of training needs

The level of training that an individual receives relates to the complexity of the task that is being undertaken and the level of hazard. 

All supervisors are required to be familiar with the activities taking place in the areas under their control and identify the training needs of staff, researchers and students working in these areas.

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Implementation of training

Supervisors are required to provide training to staff, researchers and students working in the areas under their control.

The extent of the training must satisfy two requirements:

  1. Identify all area related safety procedures.
    For example, hazardous substance management procedures for chemical laboratories.
    To minimise the workload on supervisors it is suggested that area related safety procedures are identified and if appropriate, delivered in a group format. For instance, groups of laboratory users at the beginning of first semester.
  2. Identify all task related safety procedures. 
    For example, temperature testing with an associated risk of fire or explosion; or process testing involving concentrated acids under pressure.
    Task related safety training in most cases is delivered on an individual basis because of the nature of the task. Group training may be appropriate if an identical task is performed by numerous individuals within the group.

Government legislation and UWA policy requires that training records are kept.

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School safety training

The School provides the following documented training schedules for staff, researchers and students:

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