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Instron safety training

Further information

You must complete training before you can operate the Instron 8501 Tensile Test machine.

The training will include operational competence, general safety awareness and specific safety training related to the functionality of the machine.

Staff and students

All staff and students should request training from School Safety Representative, Malcolm Stafford, telephone (+61 8) 6488 7097.

On completion of training, an Instron 8501 Training Record must be completed and held on file.

External clients

The School Manager will be responsible for ensuring that external clients receive training on the Instron 8501 and complete a copy of the Instron 8501 Training Record.


External clients will also need to complete the School's external client safety induction.

Instron Training Records must be completed and filed in the Instron Training Record file F7 in the School Administrative Office 1.14.


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