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Eye protection and footwear

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Safety policies that relate to eye protection in laboratories and workshops and footwear.

Eye protection


Some areas within the School have been designated as areas requiring eye protection. The areas relate to workshops and chemical laboratories where the risk of serious eye injury is highest. There are signs at the entrances which identify areas requiring the use of safety glasses.

Where eye protection is compulsory, the supervisor or person responsible for the area must ensure all staff and students are wearing approved safety glasses. The only exception to this rule is when a person is reading or writing at a desk in a workshop or laboratory.


The Mechanical Workshop is designated as a compulsory eye protection. All Workshop staff are required to wear safety glasses when operating machinery. For other low risk tasks, including work at benches, the wearing of safety glasses is discretionary.

Visitors to the Workshop must wear safety glasses at all times as lack of familiarity with the environment and inexperience place visitors in a high-risk category. Safety glass dispensers are provided at the two access points to the workshop for the convenience of visitors.

It is the responsibility of the workshop supervisor or acting workshop supervisor to ensure that this policy is implemented.


Staff, students and visitors are required to wear appropriate footwear in all laboratories and workshop areas, including the CAD/CAM facility with the exception of computer laboratories. Appropriate footwear is footwear that encloses the foot to offer some protection from injury in areas where hazards from falling objects, broken glass and chemical spills exist. Open footwear such as sandals or thongs or open shoes for women are not acceptable.

Anyone not complying with the requirement for appropriate footwear will be asked to leave designated areas immediately.

There is still a requirement for steel capped safety footwear in situations where there is substantial risk of foot injury. Supervisors are required to use their judgement in these situations.


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