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Casual Teaching procedures


All of the forms are also available from the School Office, Room 2.01.

HR Forms

The Casual Teaching Employment Proposal and Salary Transfer Authorisation forms are on the HR website.

As a support to the teaching activities of the School, staff may employ casual demonstrators or teaching assistants.

This can only be done with approval from the Head of School or School Manager, and needs to be planned for, prior to the commencement of semester with the submission of a budget of the required teaching assistance required for each unit. This budget allows for planning and allocation of resources and funding to support the teaching activities of the School.

Once the budget is approved, the Course Co-ordinator must complete a Casual Teaching Agreement with the proposed casual employee.

The casual employee must complete a Casual Teaching Employment Proposal, Authorisation for Salary Transfer and Tax File Number form and submit to the Mechanical Engineering (ME) Office (Room 2.01) along with the Casual Teaching Agreement, for approval from the School Manager and for forwarding to HR.

Once this is completed, the casual employee will be placed on the system and salary payments can be made.

The casual employee then completes a Casual Teaching Claim form for the hours performed each fortnight and submits to the ME office fortnightly. These forms need to be co-signed by the Course Co-ordinator before submitting.

Please note, hours in excess of the Casual Teaching Agreement fortnightly allowance require explanation from the Course Co-ordinator as to the reason for the extra hours beyond that budgeted for. Course Co-ordinators also need to be aware of the fortnightly hourly limitations on casual employees that are in receipt of scholarships.

Casual Teaching Agreement

The Casual Teaching Agreement (CTA) is an agreement between the Course Co-ordinator, the Casual employee and the School Manager reflecting the budgeted assistance. It shows the number of fortnightly hours the Casual employee is permitted to claim for during the term of employment.

Should the fortnightly claim be over the agreed fortnightly hours, the Course Co-ordinator will need to provide explanation on the timesheet for the extra hours beyond that budgeted.

The CTA applies to one semester of teaching per unit.

Payment of casual teaching staff

The Casual Teaching claim form (timesheet) needs to be signed off by the Course Unit Co-ordinator and submitted to the Mechanical Engineering office Room 2.01, no later than 9am on the Tuesday, one week prior to the fortnightly pay day.

Pay and submission dates can be found on the Human Resources website.

For further information, please contact the Admin team at the Mechanical Engineering office in person or on telephone (+61 8) 6488 3118 / 3117.


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