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IT Regulations

It is a condition of use of the School's computer facilities that all students (undergraduate or postgraduate), staff and visitors agree to the following.

These are in addition to any restrictions that may be placed on students, staff or visitors by the University's Computer and Software Use Regulations.

  1. With the exception of bottled water, I will not eat or drink in the computer laboratories.
  2. I will not allow friends, relatives or other persons who are not authorised users of the School's IT resources to use the School's IT facilities.
  3. If provided with access to laboratories after hours, I will do my best to minimise any security risk, and will ensure the doors (both inner and outer) are kept closed and locked at all times.
  4. I will not use games or any other software not provided by the School on the School's machines. I will not install any software on the School's machines without prior permission from the School's Information Systems Manager.
  5. I will not remove copies of any software provided by the School from the premises, unless I have ensured that doing so would not breach any copyright or software agreements and have confirmed this with the School's Information Systems Manager. I will not use any software that is not legally licensed on computers provided by the School.
  6. I agree to indemnify the School against any breach of copyright by myself in the use of it's software. I also agree that the School shall not in any way be held responsible for copies of illegal software found to be in my possession, irrespective of how they may have been obtained.
  7. I agree that disks of software and/or manuals loaned to me at any time remain as property of the School and I will not copy then or loan them to others. Upon leaving the School, or at any time I cease to undertake any courses provided by the School, I will return all software and manuals loaned to me by the School in the condition in which they were loaned to me. I agree to replace any equipment which is lost, damaged or destroyed whilst in my possession.
  8. I agree that I will not use the School's IT resources for recreational purposes, private or commercial work, or in any way that is not directly related to my work at the School. I will not use the School's computers for fraudulent or other illegal activities.
  9. I will not interfere with the hardware, software, wiring or other essentials of the laboratories in any way. I will not attempt any action that is likely to cause any malfunction of the computer systems or loss or corruption to other peoples' files and data.
  10. I will not interfere with the integrity or privacy of other people's data or files. I will do my utmost to maintain the security of the School's IT resources.
  11. I understand that backups are my responsibility and that the School is not responsible for any data loss, whether it be from personal storage media failure, or computer systems failure.
  12. I understand that when a member of staff requests that a room be vacated, compliance is mandatory.

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