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Safety inductions


Students should also receive a copy of the School Safety and Health Manual:

All undergraduate students are required to receive a safety induction in first-year.

The student safety induction is delivered in a class type format and provides students with an understanding of the general safety requirements of UWA and the School.

Students will be required to sign the Student Safety Induction Record as a record of attendance.

Project Safety Induction

Students must complete a Project Safety Induction with their Project Supervisor before they can work unsupervised in the School's workshops and laboratories.

'This applies to any student working unsupervised in laboratories or workshops and includes postgraduate, final-year students and third or second-year students.

The Project Safety Induction is also a requirement of the Project Allocation Form for all final year projects.

This system ensures that projects allocated to students have received a proper safety assessment and that students have received the necessary information, instruction and training to be competent to carry out the allocated task in the designated area.

Two formats for completing the Project Outline and Safety Review section of the form are recommended - these are shown in Example 1 and Example 2:

The first example relates to a broadly based project that will evolve within defined parameters, while the second example deals with a specific task that has clearly defined stages.

The format and content of this section of the form is open to the preference of the Project Supervisor, but must contain adequate detail to define the task and to identify the potential safety hazards associated with the task.

The laboratory or workshop Area Supervisor may also need to provide part of the safety induction if not the same person as the Project Supervisor.

All signed forms should be collected by the supervisor and returned to the Administration Office for filing.


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