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Safety policies relating to equipment includign laser equipment and the Instron 8501 Tensile Test machine.

Laser equipment

Under the Radiation Safety Act all class 3B or 4 lasers must be added to the UWA register prior to use. A trained School Laser Safety Officer must also be appointed.

All users of this class of laser equipment must either hold a current Radiological Council laser licence or be under the direction and supervision of a licence holder.

All inexperienced laser users must first complete a comprehensive laser safety induction program, preferably the Laser Safety Course conducted by the UWA Safety and Health Office.


No person is permitted to operate the Intron 8501 Tensile Test machine without first receiving training from an 'Approved Person'. The training schedule includes operational familiarity, general safety precautions and specific safety related issues.

Staff members should approach Malcolm Stafford for training, while postgraduate and undergraduate students should approach their supervisor. On completion of training, an Instron 8501 - Staff/Student Training Approval Form must be completed and held on record.


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