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When engaging a contractor you must ensure you consult the UWA Contractors Safety and Health Policy.

Approved contractors

In conjunction with this policy, Facilities Management (FM) provides a list of Approved Contractors.

An Approved Contractor is an organisation that meets the requirements of the UWA Contractor Safety Policy and has attended a FM safety induction. Therefore, Schools that directly engage the services of a contractor are encouraged to select from the list of Approved Contractors in order to minimise their obligations and responsibilities.

Safety Handbook

The Contractor Safety Handbook provides information to contractors on UWA safety and health requirements. 

It is available on the Safety and Health website, from FM and UWA Safety and Health Office.

The handbook should be read in conjunction with the policy and provides guidelines to both contractors and UWA staff engaged in initiating work.

It also contains a Confidential Accident Report form and a brief Contractor's Risk Management Check List.

It should be understood that if the services of a contractor are engaged directly by the School (not through FM) the School must appoint a Responsible Officer to undertake the provisions of the system.


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