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External clients include individuals or external organisations that use the School infrastructure, equipment or services as part of a joint venture or wholly independent operation.

In particular External Client Inductions ensure that individuals or groups who come onto campus to use or lease equipment and facilities have a general awareness of UWA and School policies and comply with all safety requirements.

This category also includes organisations wishing to use the Schools facilities to host trade fairs and exhibitions.


The external client induction ensures:

  • The scope of their activities are clearly defined,
  • They hold a current Certificate of Currency for Worker's Compensation and Public Liability Insurance, and
  • They are deemed competent to work within the School without risk of damage to equipment and infrastructure.

Responsible Officer

Before external clients may commence work within the School, it is important that the School is advised and appoints a Responsible Officer to interface with the External Client, carry out the External Client Induction and meet other provisions of the system.

The Responsible Officer must ensure that the following tasks are completed:

  • The scope of work has been determined
  • A safe workplace has been provided within the determined scope of work
  • The external client is aware of potential hazards, safe working procedures, hazard and incident reporting and emergency response procedures
  • The external client has provided a copy of Certificate of Currency for Workers' Compensation
  • The external client has provided a copy of Certificate of Currency for Public Liability insurance for a minimum of $20 million
  • The external client has received a copy of the School of Mechanical Engineering External Client Safety Procedures, and has signed and returned the External Client Safety Checklist:



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