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Unit outlines can be accessed via the online Unit Information Management System (UIMS). A personalised unit list can be obtained by logging in using your student number and Pheme password.

Use the UIMS for details information on:

  • Lecture topics
  • Unit schedules
  • Unit contact hours
  • Assessment tasks
  • Advisable prior study
  • Contact details for unit co-ordinators
  • Recommended textbooks
  • Resources and technical requirements

Information and learning materials for all Mechanical Engineering units.

  1. Level 1 units
  2. Level 2 units
  3. Level 3 units
  4. Level 4 units

All students should be aware of the Faculty policies on exams and appeals.

Level 1 units


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Level 2 units


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Level 3 units


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Level 4 units


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