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Engineering for Remote Operations

In June 2013, Winthrop Professor John Dell, the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics (ECM) announced a grand vision to revolutionise engineering research at The University of Western Australia.

The Faculty of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics’ goal is to become a world leader in Engineering for Remote Operations (ERO) by empowering its people to take on the multi-disciplinary challenges that face modern society.

Engineering for Remote Operations provides an integrated approach and solutions to the challenges of mining development and production in remote locations, offshore engineering, agriculture, health, transport, energy, water supply and community development.

It is highly relevant to Western Australia and the Indian Ocean Rim and provides clear and measureable results for economies, industry, government and the community at a local and national level.

The School of Mechanical and Chemical Engineering wholeheartedly embraces this vision. We are building multi-disciplinary research teams made up of people who are ready to work on projects that cross disciplines and arbitrary boundaries. This is the only way we can tackle the broad engineering challenges the humanity is facing.

If you would like to see examples of exciting projects contributing to this grand vision led by researchers from our School please visit ERO Projects


Karol Miller
Deputy Head (Research)
School of Mechanical and Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering Computing and Mathematics (ECM), The University of Western Australia


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