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The School of Mechanical and Chemical Engineering is a multidisciplinary research intensive school. It engages in a wide spectrum of research activities of high international recognition, in the disciplines of mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, mechatronics engineering, materials engineering, biomedical engineering, clean and sustainable energy utilization, petroleum engineering, and oil and gas exploration. These research activities are led by academics and researchers of high international standing and supported by substantial governmental and industrial funding.

The School offers high-quality research training and supervision for students through postgraduate degrees by research.

The School also offers a range of scholarships for postgraduate research students from both Australia and overseas.

Research Disciplines and Current Topics

The School of Mechanical and Chemical Engineering is a multidisciplinary school offering education and research in a number of engineering disciplines, including mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, materials engineering, mechatronics engineering, petroleum engineering, oil & gas engineering, and asset management.

Research Centres and Laboratories

The School has an array of active research centers, laboratories and groups, led by well-recognized research leaders in their respective fields, for example:

Centre for Energy

The Centre for Energy is a strategic research centre centrally supported by the university. It engages in a range of research topics including clean coal technology, biofuel and natural gas engineering, to name a few. The Centre has very strong support from a wide range of government research grant schemes and industrial funding, and enjoys high international reputation as the hub of cutting edge research in Australia.

Centre for Acoustics, Dynamics and Vibration 

The Centre actively undertakes research in the areas of acoustics, dynamics and vibration, and has been the focal point for the advancement of studies in these areas in the region.Its research activities are strongly supported by the Federal and State Governments and the industry.

Intelligent Systems for Medicine Laboratory

Laboratory for Functional Materials

Gas Processing


The Mechanical Engineering Consultancy Service provides engineering consulting and contract research services to industry and the broader community.

We also provide specialist equipment and laboratory hire to qualified industry personnel.


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